Buda Castle Funicular Travel Conditions

Please comply with the Terms and Conditions of Travelling applicable on the whole operational area of the Funicular.

The Buda Castle Funicular can be used with Tickets available at the funicular ticket offices or at other designated locations of BKV Zrt sold by contracted ticket distributors of BKV Zrt. or with e-tickets available on-line at siklojegy.hu. No other tickets or passes can be used, no other certificates, documents entitling to travel free of charge, nor the pensioners’ discount price applies to the Funicular. The service, however, can be used with the special permit signed and stamped by a competent senior employee of BKV Zrt., with the relevant conditions detailed on the permit.

Both the Full Price Return Ticket and the Discount Price Return Ticket are valid for an uphill and a downhill journey in the official opening hours. When crossing the boundary line of the platform area, tickets must be validated with the ticket validating machine. Once validated, the ticket is not transferable. Tickets shall be shown to the ticket inspector and shall be kept for the whole period of the journey, until leaving the station area.

Children under the age of 3 may travel free of charge, children from age 3 up to 15 are entitled to travel with a Discount Price Return Ticket.
Children under the age of 6 have to be accompanied by an adult. An adult may take maximum 2 kids under the age of 3 years.

Tickets bought at the ticket offices of BKV Zrt. are refunded only in the case of service disruptions or cancellation due to a technical breakdown, power cut or other external reasons (such as weather condition not permitting safe operation). The Sándor Palace Guard may suspend passenger transport temporarily. In such cases after service breaks longer than 30 minutes BKV Zrt. will refund the full price of the ticket on the spot, if requested. The unused paper ticket along with the receipt shall be handed over to the cashier otherwise the fare cannot be refunded. The ticket can be used within one year after the date of the purchase. Lost tickets unfortunately cannot be replaced.

E-tickets purchased at siklojegy.hu are provided by a contractual partner of BKV Zrt., therefore, for all further information or comments concerning purchase and repurchase, please, contact directly the distributor. E-tickets bought on-line provide the same travel rights as the service provider defined for paper tickets sold at the ticket offices. The distributor selling e-tickets is entitled to charge a convenience fee, which is indicated both on the e-ticket and on the invoice.

Unused e-tickets can be repurchased only in case of service disruptions or cancellations due to a technical breakdown, power failure or other cause (e.g. if bad weather conditions jeopardize safe operation). Besides the abovementioned cases, the guard of the Sándor Palace may stop the service temporarily. In these cases, if the shutdown lasts 30 minutes or longer – for request, the distributor of BKV refunds it (their contact details are in the ticket). In case of refunding, the convenience fee cannot be repaid.


Staying on the platform is only allowed to when getting on and off. Passengers need to get off at both stations in every case even if they have return tickets because of the specific order of the entry system requires it, and they need to join the queue to board again.

Small pets are allowed to be transported free of charge in a carrier bag, the size of which does not exceed the size of hand-luggage. Large dogs can be transported with a full price ticket purchased for them, they have to be muzzled, be on a leash and in clean condition. The vaccination certificate of the dog shall be shown for the request of the operator’s employee.


The following persons will be excluded from travel:

  • children under the age of 6 without an accompanying adult
  • persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • persons who behave inappropriately
  • who wish to transport an object not qualified as hand-luggage
  • who is not capable for transporting their hand-luggage according to the operator’s judgment
  • who wish to board with ice-cream, an opened bottle or can or cup of drink
  • who does not have a ticket or other travel permit.


While travelling it is forbidden to

  • smoke, eat or drink in the cabin
  • disturb fellow passengers with noise or other activities
  • throw out litter or any object from the passenger cabin
  • damage the tracks and equipment

Please, observe the Terms and Conditions of Travel and follow the instructions by the operator to ensure a safe travel experience. We reserve the right to exclude non-complying customers from travelling. Customers causing damage will be subject to prosecution with no exceptions. The operator shall not be liable for its consequences.


Security camera surveillance.

Pursuant to Section 5 (1) (b) of Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information (Information Act), according to Act XLI of 2012 on Passenger Transport Services (Act on Passenger Transport Services), passengers' lives, persons, physical integrity and their property, and in order to protect vehicles and equipment located at stations and stops, BKV Zrt. performs monitoring and data recording with an electronic security technology system. The data is stored for the period specified in Section 8 (4) to (6) of the Act on Passenger Transport Services. The rights of data subjects and their enforcement are governed by Articles 14 to 19 Information.